WOW Youth Club

WOW is now on Summer break and will be back in September. Look for announcements here and on our Facebook page. Thanks to all the helpers who turn up for each event – we couldn’t run WOW without you.

Our Youth Club is called WOW Club, standing for “Week on Wednesday”, because we meet on alternate Wednesdays in Pickering Methodist church hall, term time only.

Times are 7.00 – 8.30pm

Cost is 50p per session

Ages 10 to teens

We do things like…

  • Cooking (and eating) anything from pizzas to fruit smoothies
  • Quizzes and fun games
  • Sports such as table tennis, football and air hockey
  • Drama games and dressing up
  • Arts and craft activities Contact details 01751 473004 Karen

WOW Club Banner

Inspired by a display in church of inter-faith women’s group banners, the girls in the WOW club proposed a design which had the world on a grey background, because “life’s not black and white”. They wanted a rainbow over the world and set about using fabric paints in the craft supplies to make a rainbow. They wanted people coming together and hearts and flowers. Some work was done by kids who had never used a sewing machine before and the people were drawn by the youngsters and copied onto fabric.

Together, the design has as much of the kids’ vision on it as I could manage and shows the imagination and design skills of them all.

Karen Pattison

Church worker for families and children


New members encouraged

See website and Facebook for dates

We are supported by North Yorkshire Youth – a charity supporting youth work in this area