***NEW*** Church re-opens

Pickering Methodist Church will resume worship (in the Church Hall) from Sunday 28th March 2021 subject to the following COVID 19 restrictions:

The whole church has been cleaned during the last few months, and will be cleaned again before worship restarts. We are writing to you now to explain what it will be like when you come to church.

There will be signs up to remind you about the guidelines and will be down the side of the building as you walk up to the hall.

You will be greeted by a steward outside of the automatic doors who will direct you into the building.

You will find hand sanitiser next to the kitchen door plus other sanitisers at the entrance, please use them.

A steward will take a note of who attends worship, in case we need to tell Track & Trace.

You will be then directed to a seat in the hall. You will not be given a hymnbook. Any papers you get please take home and dispose of them.

We are not allowed to sing, but we will have music to compensate for no singing.

The service will be shorter, about 40 minutes, and when it is ended please leave the same way you came in and not stay and chat.

You will be guided by the stewards.

You can speak to each other outside the building, in the fresh air. You can sanitise again as you leave the building.

Other things to know:

There will be a plate at the door for any offering you have brought, please drop it in.

The toilets will be open except the toilet in the hall which will be closed, but only one at a time in the toilet. Please read the instructions on the toilet door before entering.

We will be able to have 15-20 people safely in the hall; we can also overflow to the coffee lounge. The numbers will be assessed each week.

We will not have communion at the first services, and follow strict guidelines when it is shared. We will not have refreshments after worship at first, but this is a possibility at some stage.

It goes without saying please don’t come if you feel unwell!

I know all this sounds a bit daunting but we will do everything possible to help you feel safe and we do hope you will feel able to join together for worship again.

Blessings to you all

Pickering Stewards