Church redevelopment project newsletter

Pickering Methodist Church (Redevelopment News Letter 5)

It is now just over two years since we started this project and we have been making significant progress. Here is our latest news letter with the details of how far we have come.

The Funding:

The cost of the scheme is £608,441 – we have now received Tenders back from a number of contractors who are interested in bidding for the project.

In 2 years we have managed to accrue (or have been promised) £443,801 which is 72.9% of the overall cost (a significant achievement by all) – note this includes a figure of £153,000 net from the sale of the Church Cottage.

However £164,640 is the balance which we need to find but due to the amount of funds we have already gained this gives us the opportunity to approach further” 3rd Party” funding bodies to explore what support they would be willing to give us.

The Building:

We would not be able to physically start work on the project until we have secured the remaining funds required which may mean delaying building until 2019. We would not want to start the conversions until we were confident in us being able to cover all the costs.

Fellowship Events for your Diary:

20th January – Family Fun Evening @ 6.00pm

19th May – Plant Sale

21st June – Quiz Night at the Sun Inn

If anyone would like to arrange a fundraising event themselves please let us know so we can help advertise and support you with it.

The Pickering Methodist Church’s new web site has all the latest news and events happening at PMC ongoing, so those of you who have access to the Internet please take a look.

We would encourage everyone to become involved in any way you can (please speak to one of the team) and your continued prayer support for the scheme is very much appreciated.

Revd. Ruth Duck, Martin Redgard, Jerry Watts, Nigel Pattison, Robin Milton, Karen Milton, Pam Sellers, Allan Dawson.